PhenQ Diet Pills

Last updated on December 1st, 2018

PhenQ Diet Pills
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Weight loss supplements are now evolving, and manufacturers like Wolfson Berg Limited. Such popular companies are paving the way for faster weight loss for today’s men and women. These manufacturers have recently released a new weight loss product called PhenQ diet pills.

These pills use a complex set of ingredients like Caffeine to tackle the problem of weight loss from multiple angles. This is different from other products that concentrate on the factors of weight loss like appetite suppression, fat loss etc. PhenQ, on the other hand, does all these jobs with one pill instead of the various supplements that would require.

What Are The Fast-Acting Benefits Of PhenQ Diet Pills?

PhenQ diet pills are designed with a unique formula that uses potent natural ingredients. This can help you burn fat, stimulate your energy levels and help suppress your appetite. The goal of this supplement is to make weight loss more efficient by using various ingredients to target multiple factors.

Proven benefits for PhenQ:

  • Burns Fat:
    According to the manufacturer’s website, this supplement helps stimulate your body’s thermogenic rate. Moreover, it can increase your metabolic rate for an accelerated fat burn.
  • Prevent Fat Creation:
    The natural ingredients present in the pills can help limit the production of excess fat. This helps to block the fat formation and weight gain, resulting in a healthy and slim physique.
  • Appetite Suppressant:
    The supplement combats the biggest reason for weight gain, uncontrollable appetite. It works to suppress your hunger craving and prevents binge-eating.
  • Increase In Energy Levels:
    It produces energy as the fat stored in the gut is burnt. This can help boost your overall energy levels while preventing energy dips.
  • Improvement In Mood:
    It contains mood enhancing ingredients that can boost your mental health, keeping you in a healthy attitude.
  • Multiple Benefits:
    This product can help users to receive numerous benefits due to the use of natural ingredients. These natural components can help fast weight loss, equivalent to several weight loss products.

PhenQ Diet Pills Benefits

What Are The Natural Ingredients In PhenQ Fat Burner?

The official website contains the detailed description of each ingredient and their corresponding clinical research. The results are the foundation of the success of this weight loss supplement. Accordingly, the core of the scientifically proven weight loss supplement is the complex α-Lacys Reset® formula.

This formula works to stimulate the metabolism and thermogenesis process in the body which allows you to burn fat and calories faster without causing any side effects. This formula for PhenQ Pills burns fat at a faster rate, leading to an increase in fat and weight loss. The increase in energy levels can also help improve muscle mass by working out at the gym. With a healthy diet and exercise routine, users can notice the change in stamina and strength.

According to studies conducted on α-Lacys Reset®, the participants who used this formula for reducing body weight experienced:
  • A Loss Of 7.24% Of Their Body Fat
  • A Loss Of 3.44% Of Their Body Weight
  • An Increased Of 3.80% Of Their Muscle Mass
PhenQ Ingredients:

  • L-Carnitine Furmarate: This ingredient can help improve energy production by promoting fat burn. The ingredient also helps weight management become easier for most.
  • Caffeine Anhydrous: This concentrated form of Caffeine is used in supplements as a stimulant for energy and weight loss. The ingredient is capable of activating thermogenic fat burn by supercharging metabolism. It can also lower hunger levels and make weight management easier.
  • α-Lacys Reset®: This ingredient contains alpha-lipoid acid and cysteine. The alpha-lipoic acid boosts metabolism and combats free radical damage. Cysteine is converted into Glutathione which reduces free radical damage while promoting weight loss.
  • Nopal: This ingredient contains vitamins A, B (1,2,3), C as well as minerals like iron, sodium, calcium, potassium, and magnesium. It can reduce appetite and limit fat storage because of its high fiber content. The ingredient also boosts energy levels while aiding with weight loss.
  • Caspimax: This proprietary formula contains Capsicum Extract, Niacin Powder, and Piperine Extract. The Capsaicinoids in Capsicum boost metabolism and energy levels. This ingredient also promotes fat breakdown using the natural thermogenic properties in the individual components.
  • Chromium (From Chromium Picolinate): This ingredient has several useful roles in the body. It can improve the function of the pancreas. It also releases insulin that can better control blood sugar, fat and digestive function. The ingredient can combat food cravings too.
  • Calcium Carbonate: This ingredient contains Calcium that can improve teeth and bone health. It can also help with weight loss because it promotes fat metabolism and improved appetite control.

PhenQ Ingredients

What About Clinical Studies On The Ingredients?

The FDA has not tested this product because this is not required for dietary supplements. Only prescription drugs have to be required to pass FDA approval before being sold to users.

So while the product itself isn’t clinically tested, the ingredients are proven to help with weight loss.

Here are nine clinical studies on the ingredients in PhenQ:

  1. Alpha Lipoic Acid was found to be an effective anti-obesity aid in a 2009 study.
  2. A 2015 study found Alpha Lipoic Acid to lower body weight and regulate triglycerides levels.
  3. Glutathione has been clinically proven to boost fat breakdown.
  4. A 2014 study found Capsimax to suppress appetite and promote metabolism.
  5. High dietary Calcium dosage is clinically proven to promote energy exertion and fat loss.
  6. A 2014 publication found cactus fiber (Nopal) to boost weight loss by binding and ejecting dietary fat from the body.
  7. A 1995 study discovered a 4-12% boost in metabolism when consuming caffeine.
  8. Caffeine has also shown to boost fat loss and improve workout performance by 12-13% in a 2004 study.
  9. L-Carnitine helps boost fat and weight loss, improve muscle gain, and reduce fatigue, according to a 2011 study.

Are There Any Side Effects Of This Weight Loss Pill?

PhenQ Diet Pills are made with only natural ingredients which have been hand-selected for the strong safety record. With the use of natural ingredients, this product has no reported side effects. The product also uses 100% vegan and vegetarian-friendly ingredients that are beneficial for both men and women.

These pills can help them to tackle their weight loss issues without problems. It’s also been found that this supplement can be taken with oral contraceptives without problems.

PhenQ pills have over 190,000 customers and this can be due to the lack of side-effects.

The users who have purchased are still enjoying the benefits of this weight loss pill. Though this supplement has no side-effects, these pills are only meant for people above 18 years.

This also goes for pregnant women and breastfeeding women. For those who have a serious medical condition or take prescription medications should consult your doctor before starting PhenQ.

PhenQ Ingredients

What Is The Recommended Dosage?

Every bottle of PhenQ comes with 60 tablets that make up a 30-day dosage. This is due to the recommended dosage of 2 pills a day.

The official website suggests you take one pill in the morning with breakfast and one at lunch. You should also avoid overdosing on this supplement. The reason for this is that too much caffeine can cause some minor side effects.

This is also the reason you should not take this supplement after 3 pm. However, some people are more resistant to the stimulant nature of caffeine in the pills.

A good idea when starting off with the product is to start with one pill a day. After you get used to the supplement, you can increase the dosage to the recommended two pills a day. However, if your body is sensitive to caffeine, its best to stick to one pill a day.

Does It Work?

The official site and several other review sites have plenty of user reviews that promote this product. But does it work?

Yes. This product seems to work for people. Especially considering the clinical proofs provided and the fact that over 100,000 people have tried the pills.

Precautions before buying PhenQ:

  • Not designed (or suitable) for children under the age of 18
  • Can cause minor side effects for some people overdosing on the pills
  • Consult a doctor if you have prescription medications
  • Don’t overdose on the supplement
  • Maximum benefits are possible with a healthy diet and workout routine
  • Don’t stack with other stimulant-filled supplements

Who Are The Manufacturers Of PhenQ Diet Pills?

PhenQ diet pills are the brainchild of the experts at Wolfson Berg Limited. The company is a trusted name in the supplement industry for over a decade with centers worldwide. Moreover, the brand facilitates shipping and support need to its users.

If you wish to contact the support staff at Wolfson Berg Limited, here are their contact details:

244 Madison Avenue
10016-2817 New York City
United States

Toll free customer care number: +1 (646) 513 2632
Email Support:

Their official website also has an online form where you can directly contact their representatives with your queries.

What Are The Multi-Buy Savings Deals Available?

For those who have decided to purchase PhenQ Diet Pills, there’s a good news for you. You will be happy to know that the manufacturers have made multi-buy savings deals while purchasing from the official website.

This product can be shipped worldwide with no additional charge with payment possible in the following currencies:

Buy 1 Bottle94.9589.9557.2365.9545.95999.9069.95
You Save25.0020.009.9610.008.00100.0010.00
Buy 2 Bottles, Get 1 Free189.90179.90114.45129.9591.901,990.90139.90
You Save199.95149.9587.1297.9069.951,308.8099.95
Buy 3 Bottles, Get 2 Free
& Free Advana Cleanse
You Save403.80303.80204.80204.80139.802,499.60209.80

Out of the three deals available for PhenQ Diet Pills, the most recommended is the buy 2, get 1 deal. The reason this deal is most popular is this product is most effective when taken for around two months.

The makers also urge you not to purchase PhenQ from Amazon, eBay or any other online shopping sites. As such products are often cheap counterfeits which are not PhenQ as only the official website sells the genuine product.

Also, when you order from the official website, you get access to the 60-day money back guarantee. Furthermore, get another free bonus of 10 e-guides. Those e-guides includes nutrition and workout guides, diet and detox programs, log book for your meals, meal plans and more.

So, visit the manufacturer’s website, if any of the deals have garnered your interest. Also, if you would like to read more about this practical weight loss solution, find them on the website.

Buy PhenQ

What’s The Conclusion For Buying PhenQ?

A weight loss supplement with clinically proven ingredients for USD 31.66 per bottle is very rare.

And combined with the over 120,000 users and lack of side effects, this makes a product worth buying.

However, the limited availability via the official site can be a negative for those who like in-store purchases. Fortunately, a well-reputed manufacturer and ton of support from users worldwide are behind PhenQ.

To conclude, if you are looking for a fast-acting weight loss supplement, consider buying PhenQ diet pills.


Q: Does it work?

A: Yes. Thousands of men and women have tried this supplement with satisfying results.

Q: How safe is this supplement?

A: The clinical studies and the lack of reported side effects suggest that this pill is very safe. However, it’s best not to go over the recommended dosage.

Q: How much weight can I lose with this supplement?

A: The official site quotes weight loss of 2 lbs. per week with a healthy diet and exercise routine. However, some users have reported to losing up to 15 pounds within weeks.

Q: Is this pill suitable for vegans?

A: Vegans and vegetarians can use this supplement.

Q: Is the money-back guarantee for eBay purchases?

A: Buying from the official site gives you access to a 60-day money back guarantee.

Q: Can I buy this from New Zealand?

A: You can buy this pill from around the world using several major currencies.

Q: What’s the best price for buying this supplement online?

A: The supplement’s best price is USD 31.66 per bottle when buying the Buy 3, Get 2 Free deal.

Q: Was this pill every featured on Dragons Den?

A: Some reviewers have reported this to be featured on Dragons Den. But these claims haven’t been verified yet.

Q: Where can I find before and after pictures?

A: The manufacturer’s site contains may before and after pictures of real users of PhenQ diet pills.

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  2. If you are looking for a natural pill that can easily and effectively suppress your appetite then, you PhenQ pills. I’m not promoting this product but I can’t deny the fact that it has reduced my chocolate intake, which was unimaginable (at least for me). Anyways, I’m not a writing a person, but I’d suggest all the people out there use this product once and experience its effectiveness.

  3. I’m consuming this pill twice a time, every day and I can see the change in my appearance. I can see my double chin in going inside, giving me a bot of my neck’s visibility. Thanks a lot for giving me what I desire, hoping to see more effective results with this pill.

  4. I started using this product after my friend suggested me to consume for fat burn. I tried my luck and started using this pill and almost used for a month to see if these pills work or not. I’m satisfied with such results, it reduced my 2 lbs in just one month without any side-effects or harmful effects. I’m really very happy with how these pills work in the body and suppress appetite. PhenQ has become my new favorite.

  5. Very Very satisfied with the results. I was not hoping that this pill can help me give results so fast and in a decent way. Overall I have fairly lost weight and the fat content from my stomach and thigh are lesser than what they were before. Thanks PhenQ to help me out this time.

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  7. I’m very glad that my step-brother suggested me these phenQ pills that can help people with natural weight and fat loss. I remember I was 80Lbs before 3 months and now I can proudly say, I’m 72 lbs. These pills turned out to be effective for me, which I never expected to be. Thanks, makers to prove me wrong and show me its true effects. I really appreciate your talent and kind heart to bring such good pill in the market. Cant wait for my second bottle.
    Love Alesha

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  11. Though I was very upset with its late shipment, but this pill cleared all my anger. These pills for me, I believe is very effective, when it comes to blocking food intake. I am very much fond of chocolates, resulting in fat formation around my face and stomach but thanks to PhenQ pills, I can see the reduction in fat and I cant be more happy than looking at such results. Thanks a lot and kindly work on your shipment services.

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  13. I have always seen myself a fatty guy whenever I stand in front of my mirror. One day, my step brother recommended me PhenQ weight loss pills. firstly I didn’t t believe that such pills can help losing weight but after my brother forced me to try, I started taking it. To my surprise, I saw felt like I was losing my appetite. I wasn’t feeling that hungry that I used to feel before. as well as this pills help me with a good mood all day. Though I’m expecting some weight loss too! let’s see what these pills can do more. I have just started using this pills and can already feel 2 benefits in a week.

  14. After 3 weeks with exercise and diet, I lost 14 pounds with PenQ! This has NO SIDE EFFECTS! I could not lose but 5 pounds before using this product. It has also increased my metabolism too!
    Strongly recommended! I’m ordering as soon as I run out.

  15. I didn’t go to the gym for more than a year and I feel like I gained 15lbs. But I joined the gym again and started taking this pills 3weeks now. It gave me energy to workout and I noticed a bit changed to my body. I will keep taking pills every day and highly recommend this product for people who want to be in good shape.

  16. Like pretty much everyone, I was struggling to lose weight and maintain a regular fitness regime. I found this PhenQ online and looked into the benefits a little more. I decided to give it a try and have been pleasantly surprised by how much better I feel while taking it. It’s only been a couple of weeks but I feel like I can already see more definition in my muscles from just doing simple exercises, not wanting to dive into anything hardcore, I just do lite cardio and weights. I feel like I can actually see satisfying results now.

  17. I’ve only been taking them a couple of weeks, but I already have noticed a difference. My energy level is up and my hunger cravings are down. Thank you PhenQ for such satisfying results. Hoping to shed more weight so that I can also have bodies like other male models.

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  19. Simply needed to drop by and say thank you for the quick dispatching of my three-month pack of PhenQ. Have been utilizing PhenQ for about seven days now and needed to let you folks realize that I can feel the distinction in the wake of taking the pills. Nonetheless, be cautioned that you will sweat a great deal with this as this is the means by which it should consume your fat. This is a decent purchase for those searching for a weight reduction pill.

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  21. Hi,

    Just wanted to drop by and say thank you for the fast shipping of my three-month pack of PhenQ. I have now been using it for two weeks now and I have already lost 7 pounds. Of course, I also go to the gym and have a personal trainer, but the difference I felt with and without PhenQ is significant enough to come back here and write this review.

    If you are on the fence with PhenQ, I suggest you go for it because it works.


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