Foods To Avoid For Losing Weight

Are you shocked to find that those jeans of yours are now tight?  Are your love handles popping out? The first question coming to your mind might be that ‘I am regular at the gym then why weight gain?’ Well, it is possible if you eat the wrong food in your diet, resulting in increased weight gain. Your weight loss and weight gain completely depend on your daily diet you maintain. Regular exercise with a balanced diet is what is required for the premium result you are seeking. While you may know what to definitely eat for weight loss, you should also know what not to eat.

weight loss and foods

Avoid the following in your daily diet to achieve weight loss in your system:

Fast/ Junk Food:

Nothing can get tastier than grabbing a fried burger or feast on a cheese pizza. But that is a big ‘NO’ where weight loss is concerned. These are nothing but toxic food and despite good taste extremely harmful to your system. These toxins store fat in the body thus resulting in weight gain. Moreover, they raise the bad cholesterol too.

Red Meat:

Adding red meat to your daily diet plan is definitely going to increase your weight. Contrary to the popular belief, red meat is an additional form of proteins to the system. The oils extracted from the red meat compete with the healthy nutrients can help absorb unnecessary fats from the body.


Pasta can get your stomach growling and the white refined flour used for making the pasta is a pure fat. It is better to stick with whole grain products because white refined flour and store-bought pasta can cause heart diseases.

White Rice:

The main idea of weight loss is to increase protein intake in your diet and avoid the consumption of carbohydrates. White rice is a put form of adding carbohydrates to your diet. Carbohydrates are fatty components. However, this does not mean that you completely avoid eating rice. You can switch to brown rice which is a better and healthier option than white rice.

Sugar (White And Brown), Molasses And Soft Drinks:

One of the most obvious reasons why sugary foods and drinks are bad is, they are high in calories. That makes it easy to over-consume them, and the excess calories can cause you to gain weight.


Apart from avoiding the food that can increase weight, it also helps to take supplements that help reduce the weight. These weight loss pill supplements that have become a word of mouth among people who are looking for fat loss. With no side-effects, it can help shed the extra pounds accumulated over the body.

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